Alliance War Skills – Support

Today’s Guide is all about the Alliance War Support skills and their morphs.  The morphs are given a 1-5 ranking (1 poor, 5 excellent) and I try to briefly explain why the score.


Alliance War Support Skills


*Ultimate* Barrier – Place a powerful damage shield around nearby allies (12m radius, 30s duration)

Replenishing Barrier (5) – Each time a ward dissolves you restore Ultimate and Magicka. This is the go to morph choice!

Reviving Barrier (2) – Shielded Allies gain Health Recovery. This has changed from previous version of the morph making it much less attractive as it used to be.

Note: The beauty of this skill is unlike actual heals, this is not capped to only 6 people, this makes it excellent in Trials and of course for a support role in PvP.


Siege Shield – Form a large bubble in the area that reduces damage from siege weapons by 35% for 20s.

Siege Weapon Shield (5) – Also reduces damage done to Siege Weapons by 75%.  Very helpful for PvP to protect siege engines so certainly a decent and safe choice. With Siege becoming incredibly powerful, this is almost a MUST HAVE skill.

Propelling Shield (4) – Reduced cost, increases range of attacks by 4-7m with skills that have a 20m+ range.  Pretty powerful effect, helps you set up siege at a safer distance, or if defending it helps you reach enemy siege.  Just as importantly, as a bowman, using Lethal arrow with this and the passive Reach, you can have a crazy range when defending your keep.  So this is a more offensive choice of morph.  If you do not PvP much then this is definitely the right choice as the lower cost makes it easier to keep up during fights that it is useful (2nd boss in AA Trial).


Purge  – Removes 2 negative effects from you and nearby allies and reduces duration of remaining effects by 50%.

Efficient Purge (4) – Reduces cost.  Not very exciting, but given the high cost of Purge, this is definitely a tempting choice as it means more casts and more safety against DoTs.  So, it is definitely a popular choice and my preference in small PvP content.

Cleanse (3) – Also heals those cleansed for 15% of max health.  An excellent morph, the only downside being that you are stuck with the expensive cost.  But if running round with a big group where others will also have Purge, you can afford to take the risk with your magicka and this will give you an advantage in zerg vs zerg fights and also makes running through Oil a lot less deadly.


Guard – Creates a lifebond between you and an ally. While bonded, 30% of the damage they take is instead redistributed to you.  15m radius. While bonded, your Stamina Recovery is disabled.

Mystic Guard (4) – You and your bonded ally gain Minor Vitality (8% increase in heals received). This is the more defensive morph.

Stalwart Guard (4) – You and your bonded ally gain Minor Force (12% critical damage increased!). This is the more offensive morph.

Note: Both are rated the same because one is offensive in nature and the other is defensive. I tend to like to 12% critical strike damage personally but again that is a personal preference so pick the one that your play style or group makeup dictates.


Revealing Flare – Reveals stealthed characters in the area and they cannot restealth for 3s and move 50% slower.

Lingering Flare (3) – area effect lasts 5s, anyone in stealth that enters the area are revealed.  An OK morph but if someone sees a Flare cast it is unlikely they will walk towards the area.  That said, for a short while you are safe from anyone sneaking up and attacking you in melee.

Scorching Flare (3) – Deals damage over 3s.  Reveals a stealthier and does some damage, pretty nifty, but if I have a whole slot taken up on my bar it is to ensure absolute safety from stealthers, so damage would be a low priority over the other morph for me.

Note: Now, I personally do not see myself having it on the bar.  If I need to see a stealthier I will pop a detect potion or use the Fighter’s Guild “Hunter” morphs or Mage Light if I was Magicka as both of those provide something else such as increased Magicka or weapon damage.



Magicka Aid (5) – Increase Magicka regeneration by 5/10% for each Support skill slotted.

Combat Medic (3) – Increases healing you do by 10/20% when near a keep.

Battle Resurrection (4) – Reduces resurrection time by 15/30% when in PvP Areas.

Note: I love Magicka Aid, even in PvE I make use of this by slotting Barrier.

Author Aggelos
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