Armor Skills & Their Morphs

Today’s brief guide is all about the Armor skills and their morphs. The morphs are given a 1-5 ranking (1 poor, 5 excellent) and I try to briefly explain why the score.


Heavy Armor 

Immoveable – Grants major Resistance and Major Ward (5k+ increase to armor and Spell Resist).  Also grants immunity to Crowd Control for 5s.

Immoveable Brute (5) – When slotted, reduces Break Free cost by 4% per heavy armor equipped.  Great morph for PvP assuming you use Heavy armor.  This alongside Arena armor would leave you with a very cheap Break Free cost.

Unstoppable (3) – Increases duration for each heavy armor piece equipped.  For PvP I would much rather have the passive Break Free cost reduction, if exclusively for PvE this could be worthwhile, however, if purely PvE, I think every class has a better alternative for the extra defense (except NB, who are the only ones who may want this).

All passives are worth getting, though if struggling for points or only tanking part time, I would hold back on getting Rapid Mending.


Medium Armor


Evasion – Grants Major Evasion, 20% dodge chance for up to 20s.

Shuffle (3) – Removes snares and grants snare immunity for 3.5s plus 0.5s per medium armor.  An OK morph for PvP though it’s a pretty short duration compared to the skills overall duration which means for most the time you don’t get a benefit.  Pretty worthless in PvE.

Elude (4) – Increase duration by 5% per medium armor piece equipped.  In PvP this can be tempting assuming you are wearing a lot of Medium, in PvE as a tank you probably have 1 medium on due to Undaunted passive, so this will give you an extra second which is better than the other morph.

All in all, Evasion is nice in theory but I personally make no real use of it in either PvP or PvE. Unless you are using the Armor Master set in which you would need to sacrifice Hist Bark to get it.

Ultimately you want all the passives here, though the Sneak cost reduction is what I consider a low priority.


Light Armor

Annulment – Surrounds you in a damage shield which absorbs X damage.  Lasts 20s. This now absorbs ALL damage not just magic!

Dampen Magic (4/5) – Absorbs 3% more damage for each Light armor equipped.  This morph is nothing too exciting, a little boost to the amount absorbed is nice, but the other morph offers more.  I wouldn’t pick this for PvP or PvE unless you are a Stamina user then Harness Magicka is worthless to you.

Harness Magicka (5) – Gain X magicka up to three times when damage is absorbed.  Gaining magicka is a great thing, sustain is key to success. Getting more magicka means being able to cast this and other spells more often, which means overall you will be able to absorb more magicka damage with this than you can with the other morph.  This is a very popular morph for casters in PvP.

All the passives in this tree are worth getting.



The active skills in the armor trees actually lend themselves more to PvP than they do PvE.  When PvEing, I only ever have made use of Evasion, and even that was short lived.  If you do not PvP, I would not concern yourself with spending skill points in the active skills until you have lots to spare.

With the revamp of Annulment, however, this skill is likely to be a must have for PvP and some PvE encounters!

I strongly recommend when leveling your character that you mix and match your armor and get them all maxed level.  This is because it gives you freedom to try different roles later in the game, and also, thanks to Undaunted passives, a 5/1/1 combo of armor is very common and so you may as well have the option to get passives in each line to gain some benefit.

Author Aggelos
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