Berserker, Stamina Dragonknight – PvP

Updated for Patch 2.4.
Berserker, Stamina Dragonknight – PvP, this is the build I am currently using, and having a great deal of fun with. It comprises of three sets, five piece Clever Alchemist, five piece Hunding’s Rage and three piece Agility. That’s right, no monster sets!

Take note of the 5 piece Clever Alchemist set bonus.

To make viable use of two five piece armor bonuses at the same time (well sort of at the same time) two slot weapons must be used on the front bar and a two handed weapon for the back bar. For this build I used sword and shield and a maul.



The Clever Alchemist set comprises of a one handed weapon and shield, heavy chest piece, heavy leg piece, medium boots. So that when the sword and shield are wielded on the front bar, the Clever Alchemist set is active.



The Hunding’s Rage set comprises of medium gloves, medium shoulders, medium belt, medium helmet and a two handed weapon of your choice. So that when the two handed weapon is wielded in the back bar, the Hunding’s Rage set is active.



The Agility set comprises of two rings and a necklace. This build makes good use of the synergy between some of the Magicka based abilities available to Dragon Knights (more on this later!) so I went with Arcane versions to boost the Magicka pool.


Enchantments and Traits

I highly suggest full impenetrable traits on all armor pieces and shield, and sharpened on the weaponry.

For enchantments, I used Health on head, chest, legs and shield and Stamina for the rest. I like to push for a 30k hit-point sweet spot to remain tanky. Weapons and Jewelry sport Glyphs of Weapon damage.


As you have already guessed this build uses a lot of potions to activate the Clever Alchemist set bonus. For this I highly recommend Immovable potions, or if you run out out (like I always do), weapon crit potions.

For food, I prefer the tri-stat food. Although this is a Stamina build, it utilizes some key Magicka abilities to help function and semi-healthy Magicka pool is recommended.


Champion points and Mundus.

For the Berserker build, I went with the following champion point configuration:

The Lady –

I put at least 120 points in this line. In light of the changes to Magicka abilities that came in 2.3 I have placed the majority of the point in Elemental Defender, 72 to be exact for 19.9% reduction in Flame, Frost, Shock and Magic damage. I put 48 points in Hardy to get 15% reduction in Poison, Disease and Physical damage. I really like the 120 point fest Unchained that procs an 80% reduction in cost of stamina abilities after breaking free from crowd control (which is constantly happening in pvp!).


The Lord –

The rest of the point I started funneling into Quick Recovery, currently at 15 points for a total of 5.1% bonus to healing received.


The Tower –

Reduction in cost is always nice so I hve put 60 points into Warlord for a total of 11.8% reduction in stamina abilities.


The Lover –

Recovery can make the difference in protracted fights ,despite this build not having much at all, I felt the need to buff at least a little by putting 35 points in Mooncalf for a 12% increase in stamina recovery.


The Shadow –

Crowd control can scarcely be avoided when engaging in PvP combat and breaking free and dodge rolling can be life savers – this is why I have placed 40 points in Tumbling to reduce the stamina cost by 10.1%.


The Ritual –

Full 100 points into mighty for a 25% increase in almost all of the damage you deal with this build, should not leave home without it! I put the rest of the points into Precise Strikes (20) for an increase of 8.1% to damage and healing of weapon critical strikes. I stop st 120 here for the Last Stand feat – extra ultimate generation when reaching 20% health is (not can be) a lifesaver – especially with this build!


The Atronach –

Shields are everywhere in PvP – they form a buffer to your own valuable health pool and more importantly they cannot currently be affected by critical strikes! Shattering Blows provides a way around it (sort of) by increasing the amount of damage you deal to shielded targets (which will more than likely increase come patch 2.4!!) you want that shield cracked open so you can have access to the soft, gooey mess inside! I will most definitely be placing the remaining champion points I earn into this very skill.


Mundus stones –

My choice here is The Shadow, extra critical damage can mean the different between getting a killing blow or not and with the prevalence of Impenetrable armor this is almost a must. If you feel that you do not get enough return from this then The Serpent is a good alternative to keep you in the fight longer.


Race –

My rule here is play whatever you like. I do fine as a Nord. Each race can enhance some aspect of this build in different ways, so pick one that you would like to focus on!


Attribute points – 

Full stamina, all the way. Your hit-points will be boosted via enchantments and your combination of heavy and medium armors will provide ample defense for a dps build!


Skills –

This is where builds will differ as players slot what is more in tune with their play style, but for the purpose of this guide, this is what I use and why:


Front Bar:

This is the sword and board bar, the defensive bar, and where I generate ultimate as quickly as possible. In the number one slot we have Resolving Vigor – the bread and butter stamina heal and HOT. This is almost always used directly after slot 3 – Igneous shields to take advantage of the huge healing buff it provides on activation. In slot 2 we have Heroic Slash – decent damage and grants Minor Heroism that really helps with ultimate generation. In slot 4 we have Molten Armaments – this is largely a playstyle choice as I have success with landing heavy attacks in pvp, why not buff it 40%? In slot 5 we have Reverberating Bash – Major Defile and Stun/Disorient on demand is a great skill to provide breathing time for a heal or to turn the tide of a battle offensively. Ultimate – the ultimate choice here is largely open-ended but I find I use ferocious leap for the damage and huge shield it provides (15k shield @ 30k hitpoints) whilst solo. Another favorite of mine, especially when grouped is Magma Shell to provide my group members with a beefy damage shield when things get hairy.


Back Bar:

This is the damage bar, the Berserking bar! In slot 1 I have the required gap closer – Critical Rush.  In slot 2 I have Wrecking Blow for great damage and knockdown (Will swap to Dizzying Strike when 2.4 drops to gain its CC since Wrecking Blow is losing its knockback). Slot three is defensive with Shuffle – 20% bonus dodge chance is a very good buff. Slot 4 is the end bringer – Executioner almost always required for a two handed build,  and slot 5 is Rally – a great heal and this build’s source of Major Brutality. The ultimate ability on this bar is Flawless Dawnbreaker for a decent frontal cone damage and dot and the passive weapon damage buff it provides.


How I play this build:

I encourage everyone to form their own skill bars and their on methods of utilizing this build (it is after all just a guide!) what works for me, may not work for everyone, the most successful builds for each player will be the ones that are modified to work best with their own play styles, but this is how I play this build:

My fights almost always begin with buffing with Rally, shuffle and Molten Armaments. Switching to Sword and Board to activate the Clever Alchemist five piece and quaff an immovability potion to proc it. At this point I have the following offensive buffs up : Minor Brutality (proceed from the Molten Armaments), Major Brutality (from Rally), Major Savagery (from potion) and the Clever Alchemist buff. I then switch to the back bar, activating the five piece Hunding’s Rage set (for an additional 300 weapon damage).

Fight rotation is either Heavy attacks canceled with executioner or Wrecking blow on the back bar, or Heavy attacks canceled with Heroic Slash or Reverberating Bash.

Below are screenshots of what stats you will likely expect when fully buffed for both bars with this build:

When fighting defensively, I employ Igneous Shields and Resolving Vigor for on demand burst healing and hot.

But how do you handle the lack of stamina regeneration? You might ask, well for this I take advantage of the Dragonknight passive abilities Battle Roar, Mountain’s Blessing and Helping Hands. Each time I use Igneous shields or Molten Armaments I trigger Mountain’s Blessing (provides me with Minor Brutality and Ultimate points) and Helping Hands (returns 5% of my stamina with each use!) – Enter Battle Roar and with each ultimate ability I use I regenerate Health, Magicka and Stamina equal to 70% of the ultimate cost. This goes back to my tri stat foods and Arcane jewelry, the more Magicka I have, the more tools I have at my disposal to balance my resources during combat.


I hope this guide has helped inspire Dragonknights of all shapes and sizes. Stay tuned for Morphs (variants) of this build and other fun builds I torture Skjaldvor with!

Author Aggelos
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