Berserker, UPDATED Stamina Dragonknight – PvP

Skill Changes :

The only skill changes were made to the back bar (Two Hander)


The first major change to the build (if you can call it major at all!) was the changing of Flawless Dawnbreaker morph to Dawnbreaker of Smiting. Patch 2.4 buffed this morph by adding a three second knockdown component to it which caught my eye and, has proven to be quite effective (and devastating!) when coupled with the berserking cool downs this build has at it’s disposal.


This is what the tool tip looks like with all buffs/cool downs up!


The second change was the removal of Wrecking Blow. Dawnbreaker of Smiting more than fills it’s shoes for on demand CC and damage and is far easier to land now with the prevalence of dodge rollers in the current patch (well fitted anyone?). This has been replaced by the new Camouflaged Hunter for the added passive critical strike change and, more importantly, the utility of revealing stealthing enemies.


Gear Changes : 

Two changes have been made here. Firstly the one handed weapon on the front bar was swapped out with one with the Decisive trait. The philosophy of the front bar has always been heal/tank/regenerate ultimate – so what better trait than decisive. I am seeing positive gains with this trait and so the change makes sense (considering the intimate relationship Dragonknights have with their ultimates!). Increase Weapon Damage enchant has been applied, this was buffed significantly in patch 2.4!


The second change is on the two-hander. Now a Sharpened Maul has been slotted (with either poison or disease enchant for burst). This is to help counter the increase of heavy armor users and works well over precise here and provides an overall improvement to damage output against your average target.


This build now feels a lot more aggressive (and so it should – key word ‘Berserking’!). The power and utility now bestowed by Dawnbreaker of Smiting helps you along the visceral path towards Executioner range, which also received a hefty buff. Removing Wrecking blow was a boon, I found landing it increasingly difficult with the increase of dodge rolling, it’s replacement (Dawnbreaker of Smiting) has become a tool of destruction when facing such foes – though it must be timed well – a direct hit on a target can end a fight. The front bar survivability can be used to weather attacks until you are ready, a swift activation of the Clever Alchemist followed by a weapon swap – Dawnbreaker – Heavy Attack – Executioner can endanger any target (s).

Below is a screenshot, post patch 2.4, with what you might expect stat-wise with this build – fully buffed (and Berserking).

Check out the build in action!

Author Aggelos
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