Berserking Viper, Stamina Dragonknight – PvP

Welcome to my Berserking Viper build variant! This variant takes the main burst component from my Berserker base build and adds Viper’s sting to the mix for an even more explosive opener and opens the door wide open to your choice of undaunted helm/shoulder combination.

Let’s jump right into the sets :


Clever Alchemist –

The burst component from the Berserker build. This set has become my favorite for all things offensive for PvP. It provides the massive boost to on-demand damage needed to take down most targets before they can react. The differences here are that we are going full Medium, (Berserker build sported heavy chest and legs) to further improve damage at the cost of survivability.

Pieces include : Chest, Legs, Boots, One handed weapon, Shield and Two Handed Mace/Sword. All armor traits are Impenetrable and all armor enchantments are Healthy. One Handed Weapon sports the Sharpened trait and is enchanted with increase to weapon damage, Two Hander is Sharpened as well with the Befoul Disease enchantment.



Viper’s Sting

Hunding’s Rage is replaced with Viper’s sting for the second burst mechanic. This set will deal 3.5-4K non critical damage every four seconds upon a successful melee attack in PvP on top of any opening attack and weapon proc. It provides continuous (and surprising) burst with both two handed weapon and sword and shield.

This set will take up the three jewelry slots, two rings and one necklace – Robust trait – enchanted with Increase Physical Harm. The last two pieces will utilize the belt and gloves slot with Divines trait.



The flex spot – I slot Bloodspawn shoulders and Molag Kena helm here for the additional weapon damage and resource regeneration but you can slot anything to improve any areas of opportunity you feel you are missing out on with this setup or that which matches your play style.

Having issues with resources? Engine guardian two piece. Want to be a little more tanky ? Bloodspawn, Mighty Chudan or Malubeth sets might be for you- try them all!


Skills –

Front bar – This is bar has not really changed from previous builds – it is ever my healing/tanking/Clever Alchemist activating bar.

Slot one – Resounding Vigor – major self heal and HoT – used in conjunction with the Major Mending buff from Igneous Shields for increased effect.

Slot two – Heroic Slash – decent damage instant attack that applies Minor Heroism – a perfect skill for regrouping and regenerating resources to get back into the fight!

Slot three – Igneous shields – small damage shield but mostly used for Major Mending in conjunction with Rally – this combination will help you in a pinch. Can also be used to regenerate stamina on use (via Dragonknight passive ability)

Slot four – Molten Armaments – Heavy attacks make up 40% of my damage – I use it instead of Dizzying Strike / Wrecking Blow – this is a play style choice so running this skill seems logical.

Slot five – Reverberating Bash – light on damage but applies a stun and Major Defile to your target (-30% healing gained). When used correctly can end an encounter or swing it to your advantage.

Ultimate – Dawnbreaker of Smiting – my go to stamina ultimate and taken over any defensive ultimates due to it’s Crowd Control and its low cost (regenerating large numbers of resources upon each use). Used to provide a break in damage to heal or in conjunction with Reverberating Bash to swing the fight for a kill.


Back bar – This is the main damage bar.

Slot one – Critical rush – our opener and gap closer – most of this builds opening burst will be delivered via this skill – results can be devastating.

Slot two – Noxious Breath – usually used directly after Critical Rush for a quick armor debuff to soften the target for heavy attacks and execute.

Slot three – Shuffle –  powerful buff that provides Major Evasion for 20 seconds.

Slot four – Execute – our finisher, used in conjunction with a heavy attack to apply significant amounts of pressure or end the fight entirely.

Slot five – Rally – Major Brutality and a strong heal/HoT – always keep this up for a snap heal when needed.

Ultimate – Dawnbreaker of Smithing – This goes on your back bar too! For a nice passive buff to weapon damage and a knock down / crowd control – often used after Critical Rush to apply large amounts of pressure.


Champion points –

The Ritual –

Here I put 100 in Mighty for the 25% bonus to virtually all of the damage you deal with this build. 27 in Precise Strikes to boost my weapon critical strikes by 10%. Of course Last Stand is a very attractive perk to receive at 120 points spent in this tree.


The Atronach –

Melee Weapon Expert receives 40 points here for a generous bonus of 13.2% to my heavy and light attacks, stacking nicely with Molten Armaments for some effective burst.


The Lady –

Defensive skills here, I placed 67 points in Hardy (18.9% reduction to physical, poison and disease damage) and 60 points in Elemental Defender (17.5% reduction to magical, fire, frost and shock damage).


The Lord –

Forty points spent here in Quick Recovery for an increase to healing received in an attempt to soften the PvP healing debuff and works nicely along with the Major Mending buff from Igneous shields.


The Tower –

Warlord receives some love here via 71 points invested – for a 13% reduction in stamina abilities.


The Lover –

Mooncalf received 27 points here to help this builds lack of raw stamina recovery along by 10%.


The Shadow –

Breaking free and roll dodging are staples in PvP so we must reduce the cost here because we lack it from Medium armor bonuses. 69 points provides an ample 14.3% reduction.



Consumables –

For food I prefer tri stat food as Magicka should never be completely shunned as a Dragonknight, even if you are stamina! You can also use the dual buff food such as Braised Rabbit if you prefer a little more stamina /health.

Potions are wonderful things, here I use Immovable with critical strike and stamina bonuses.



Mundus –

I prefer the Shadow Mundus, nicely buffs initial burst with critical rush and any subsequent critical strikes.


Build Methodology :

The aim of this build is burst. Fights should begin with Rally, Shuffle and Molten Armaments pre-buffed – Open with setting off your Clever Alchemist five piece on your front bar with an Immovable potion (granting CC immunity), then switch to your back bar and Critical Rush the target (triggering your Disease weapon enchantment and Viper’s Sting five piece) – If your Dawnbreaker of Smiting is available use it for another huge burst and CC knock down, finish with a light attack into Executioner. If your Dawnbreaker of Smiting is not available follow your Critical Charge with Noxious Breath to debuff armor and proceed with heavy attacks into Executioner.

You will often find the need to play defensively and this is where the front bar really shines. Igneous Shields grant Major Mending, so using this in conjunction with Vigor can you bring your health reserves back up while you are delaying your opponent via Reverberating Bash and grinding up your ultimate with Heroic Strike. You will often turn the tide of a battle in the front bar with a well placed heavy attack into a heroic strike followed by a Reverberating Bash into a Dawnbreaker of Smiting – switch to your back bar and execute to finish.


Below are what you stats you might expect from both your front bar and back bar equipped.


Author Aggelos
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