Exasperation Knight, Stamina Dragonknight – PvP

Welcome to the Exasperation Knight build for the Stamina Dragonknight! (or nicknamed the POOPS build due to all the poop you leave on the ground!) This build makes use of three set bonuses to achieve it’s namesake – Five piece Bahrahas Curse, two piece Spawn of Mephala and five piece Black Rose.

This fun build is designed to tank, harass and apply pressure. It is best used in a group setting where others can do the heavy DPS lifting while you cause havoc to their support and spread their lines out as they attempt to evade your repertoire of CC and snares.

Bahrahas Curse – This largely underused set first introduced in the Thieves Guild DLC provides the first part of your ground effect menace – the five piece provides a 25% chance to create a small area on the ground that snares anyone in it by 70% and damaging them for 830 Magic Damage (for CP160) every second and healing you for that damage. The returns are not high and the area is small but you will be surprised how many people stand in it. The effect is cumulative depending on how many people are standing it, be it mobs or players and liberal use of choking talons and reverberating bash can increase the amount of time that your targets sit in its stick effects.

In this build, Bahrahas curse fills the 3 jewelry slots (enchanted with weapon damage) and your one handed weapon and shield slots.



Spawn of Mephala – Like Bahrahas curse, also applies a ground effect that snares and deals damage each second that activates on a successful heavy attack. CP 160 purple deals 1335 poison damage and snares for 50%. The area of affect here is about three times that of Bahrahas curse and often will proc at the same time. The damage is negligible in PvP, but when combined together with Bahrahas your stunned and Crowd Controlled targets inside it’s radius have to make the choice of wasting resources escaping it and breaking away from group mates or making a stand, caught in it’s webs.

This set occupies the head and shoulder slots. Impenetrable trait is preferred, but infused also works well. Stamina enchants.



Black Rose  – We are wearing five pieces of this heavy armor in this build, occupying the chest, legs, belt, boots and glove slots. This provides a large amount of our survivability and resource regeneration via the five piece buff to the Constitution perk in the heavy armor skill line. Trait should be impenetrable and should be easily purchasable from the Telvar Stone merchant in Imperial City for 5,000 Telvar Stones a piece.




As stated before we are utilizing the one handed weapon and shield slots to activate the Bahrahas curse five piece set bonus. For this build, I am using the Absorb Magicka enchantment to bolster our Magicka regeneration due to it’s increased use via Choking Talons. Sharpened trait is preferable here. As Bahrahas Curse shields do not come in Impenetrable, Divines, infused or Reinforced will work well, enchanted with a health enchantment.

For the two-hander you can use anything, I use a sharpened battleaxe with a disease proc on it for the chance on his bleed and minor defile when starting a fight.


Skills –

Front bar – This will be your main bar, it features Vigor for healing, Heroic Strike for damage and ultimate generation, Igneous Shields for defense and bonus to healing buff, Choking Talons to root your enemies in your ground area effects (poops!) and reduce their damage output by 15%, Reverberating Bash serves as your stun and major defile. The Ultimate on this bar is Ferocious Leap for the generous damage and shield it provides you (50% of 38000 hit points is huge in a pinch!) and also of course it’s knock back effect – be careful with it’s use as you can actually push enemies out of your poops! Think of it as your ‘oh shit’ button or a tool to further extend enemies from their own group or as an opening gap closer.


Back bar – This bar is used for gap closing, applying dots and initial burst (what little there is in this build), it features Critical Rush for the gap closing, Noxious Breath for cone DoT and armor debuff, Venomous Claws for a powerful DoT, Molten Armaments to buff your heavy attack damage (of which you will doing a lot of to activate your Spawn of Mepahal set) and Rally provides Major Brutality and a strong heal. The ultimate here is also Dawnbreaker of Smiting.


Champion points –

The Ritual –

Here I put 100 in mighty for the 25% bonus to virtually all of the damage you deal with this build. 35 in Thaumaturge to boost the dots even further and 27 in precise strikes to boost my weapon critical strikes by 10% (mostly for the Critical Rush opener as this is not a critical strike based build). Of course Last Stand is a very attractive perk to receive at 120 points spent in this tree.


The Lady

Lots of defensive goodies to be had here. 63 in Hardy for a beefy 18.1% reduction to physical damage and 60 into Elemental Defender for 17.5% reduction of magical and elemental damage. With the increase of melee type characters since 2.4, I will be investing future points into Hardy. Unchained perk here is a must at 120 points so invest points here first in order to acquire the stamina cost reduction after breaking free, quickly.


The Lord

Forty points spent here in Quick Recovery for an increase to healing received in an attempt to soften the PvP healing debuff and works nicely along with the Heavy Armor perk and Major Mending buff from Igneous Shields.


The Tower

Warlord receives some love here via 67 points invested – more will be placed here as I accrue points in an effort to further reduce the cost of 90% of my abilities.


The Lover

Mooncalf received 27 points here to help this builds lack of raw stamina recovery along by 10%.


The Shadow

Breaking free and roll dodging are staples in PvP so we must reduce the cost here because we lack it from Medium armor bonuses. 69 points provides an ample 14.3% reduction.


Consumables –

For food I prefer tri-stat food as Magicka should never be completely shunned as a Dragonknight, even if you are stamina!

Potions are wonderful things, here I use Immovable with critical strike and stamina bonuses.


Build Methodology :

This fun build is designed for group play in which your role is to harass your enemy into wasting their resources, extending them out and forcing mistakes. This build is not going to net you the most kills, you are a chunky pain in the arse. In group on group combat this build is designed so that you can survive being extended out from your group to cause mayhem while your group picks them off.

Expect solo encounters to last a long time with this build. Your fights will usually start with Critical charge from your back bar, followed by noxious breath and venomous claws. Dropping your ground poops quickly is key to added pressure and timing your roots and stuns with it will prove troublesome for your opponent(s). Your burst will come from your heavy attacks and Ferocious Leap / Dawnbreaker of Smiting while your dots and ground area effects whittle away at their health and or reduce the effectiveness of their healing.

Below are some screen shots of what stats you might expect with this build.

Author Aggelos
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