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    • Aggelos Keymaster
      June 8, 2017 at 10:24 AM #2088

      Here is a list of all the GW2BOT commands for use in The Dungeon Crawler Network Discord!

      $search [item name] – Searches your storage for an item.
      $character info [character name] – Looks up your character in the Guild Wars 2 database.
      $character gear [character name] – Lists your character’s gear.
      $character list – Lists all characters on your account.
      $daily psna – Lists waypoint codes to post into Guild Wars 2 Chat to see locations.
      $daily pve – Lists dailies for PvE.
      $skillinfo [skill name] – Gives tooltip for skill.
      $pvp stats – Lists your PvP stats.
      $pvp professions – Lists which professions you have played in PvP.
      $pvp professions [profession name] – Gives stats for PvP while playing that profession.
      $li – Tells you how many Legendary Insights you have acquired!
      $bosses – Lists which bosses you have not killed this week for raid lockouts.
      $wallet currency [name of currency] – Lists the amount of aforementioned currency (ex. karma) you have in your account wallet.
      $tp current sells – Lists your recent market-board transactions.
      $guild info [guild name] – Displays guild information.
      $account – Displays your account statistics.
      $wvw info – Displays your servers WvW rankings.
      $gw2wiki [item name] – Provides hyperlink to an item.

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