Guild Wars 2 G.E.M. FX Presets Installation Tutorial

This is one of the second tutorial video that the Dungeon Crawler Network has finished up and have it out for our followers to learn how to use G.E.M. FX Presets with your copy of Guild Wars 2!

G.E.M. FX is a preset of the original SweetFX Shader Suite (or just SweetFX), which is a mod built on the InjectSMAA shader injector, that allows you to apply a suite of post processing shader effects to your games.

You may have tried another shader injection mod before, like InjectFXAA, InjectSMAA or FXAAtool. SweetFX improves upon all of these.

You can add SMAA anti-aliasing , sharpening and tweak the color, gamma , exposure and more.
It’s meant to allow you to improve the look of your games and change the look and mood of it to your liking.
If you use SMAA antialiasing instead of MSAA or an even more expensive antialaliasing technique, you can also make the game run faster (than with MSAA).

The G.E.M. FX Download used in this video tutorial can be found at the link below:

In this video, we show you how to install Presets for G.E.M. FX into your Guild Wars 2 game. The links used in this video are presented below:

Link to SFX Database

Link to my (Crabby’s) preset

Author Aggelos
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