Imperial City Survivor’s Guide


  • What to expect and why you need to join us on Imperial City Nights
  • Suggested Gear
  • Methods of Survival
  • Telvar Stones and What They Are Good For


  • What to expect and why you need to join us on Imperial City Nights

The DCN guild, Wings of Fate, runs a weekly Imperial City event, all Ebonheart Pact characters level 10 or above are welcome to enjoy the community camaraderie and the wonderful XP and Telvar stone gain. Like the rest of the changes that came with One Tamriel, you are leveled up artificially when inside Imperial City which means that players of 10 and up can contribute and have fun especially as average mob and boss difficulty is less than that of a veteran dungeon.

Imperial City is viewed by many as one of the best DLCs released by ZOS to date. It provides a perfect balance of PvE and PvP content with a great risk versus reward system that only gets better when you group up with some friends (or our awesome community!!!).

It is an open PvP zone and is separated by both the upper level (districts) and lower level (sewers). Players of enemy factions have free reign to attack you in this zone and if they succeed in killing you, will take half of your gathered telvar stones. This of course works both ways, kill an enemy and you too will take half of the telvar stones they were carrying. The majority of the time, however, will be spent enjoying the PvE content, slaying mobs and boss mobs alike, closing portals and completing quests in order to gather more telvar stones.


  • Suggested Gear

While much of the content in Imperial City is PvE, while grouped, the main threat comes from other players. Monsters and Bosses are not hard to kill, (many people with the correct build and gear are able to solo most of what is on offer) which means that an emphasis on PvP centric gear and builds will provide more satisfying results in this environment, though it is not a requirement.

Mixing a defensive and an offensive set together tends to produce a more balanced results when plumbing the halls of Imperial City. Though there are a great many that go all offensive (a good offense is a good defense! See my Berserker Build for Stamina Dragonknights!), in these cases, full impenetrable trait is highly recommended.

Impenetrable trait provides a reduction of incoming damage from enemy players, if you find yourself being killed too quickly when enemy players are engaged then equipping as many pieces that bear this trait is highly suggested.

Defensive monster helm/shoulder sets like Malubeth and Bloodspawn are also a plus as they provide a defensive PROC that can save your life (and precious Telvar stones!!) without any reaction time from the player.


  • Methods of Survival


We covered gear sets and traits in the previous section, now we will cover abilities and playstyle.

It doesn’t matter what class role you are filling, everyone should slot at least one ‘OH SHIT!’ button when out in the Imperial City. When players open up on you the main burst of the damage will more often that not occur in the first few seconds  – especially when it’s a stealth based opponent trying to get in, kill a member then stealth out. This is where our gear set up first comes in, before we are able to react, our gear is modifying that burst already – hopefully giving us the second we need to activate our “OH SHIT!” button!

There is a second emergency button that every character has access to, and that is block. Block further modifies incoming damage by cutting it in half (modified by skills/gear) for as long as you hold it, at the cost of stamina.

When in doubt, block and give your group time to react.

A fast reaction time with block in concert with your defensive cooldowns will allow you to survive much more often (keeping your stones!) and allows the precious seconds your group mates need to realize what is going on and tackle the situation (which means more Telvar because we just whooped that gankers arse!!!).

Stay out of poop. The deadliest part of boss encounters in Imperial City is the poop they leave on the ground (signified by red circles) and in what locale they leave them in. Avoiding these ground target death plops and move boss mobs into open areas to be killed, do not engage in corridors!

If you bump into one in the sewers, dodge roll out and let the group know asap so that a location can be determined to kill it in.



  • Telvar Stones and What They Are Good For


So you have been hearing all about these Telvar Stones, so why are they so precious? They are the main currency used to purchase items from vendors located in the home sewer area of each faction.

They can be exchanged for crafting materials, polymorphs and gear.

Gear can be purchased in two flavors, one is a lock box that provides that set in a random trait. And the other is single pieces purchasable in only one trait (Impenetrable!!!). The top level loot boxes sell for 4000 each and the individual pieces in Impenetrable trait sell for 5000 a piece!

Here is a look at what these vendors have for sale:


Notable sets:


Black Rose :

This is one of the most powerful and sought after heavy armor sets in PvP and PvE currently. It provides good defense in both its stats and its five piece bonus set that buffs the constitution talent in the heavy armor skill line providing consistent resource regeneration while the wearer is getting hit.



In contrast this is one of the most underused sets but it’s power should not be overlooked. This heavy armor set provides a healthy amount of stamina for blocking and the five piece is perfect for survival in Imperial City, when stunned and CCed or disabled your character takes 35% less damage!. This is huge as it stacks with all of your other damage reducing modifiers and abilities.


Imperial Physique

This is one of the most unique item sets in the game. I am adding it as a notable, not for use but for awareness. The five piece bonus boosts the wearer’s stats heavily when they are at the 4X telvar stone modifier which means they are carrying over 10,000 stones. When the wearer has this set active he will glow very brightly – watch out for this, especially if it is an enemy player and the chance of stealing 5000 telvar stones at his death!

Author Aggelos
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