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Perhaps one of the most heinous of Deadric Princes, Molag Bal, the Harvester of Souls, God of Schemes, his only goal is the domination and enslavement of all mortal beings in Tamriel. It is said that Molag Bal was also the original creator of vampires. In the year of 2E 579 Molag Bal went forth with his invasion of Tamriel, trying to suck Nirn into his realm of Coldharbour by using enormous Dark Anchors. Legions of abominations from his plane of Oblivion poured into our world with the intent of bringing Tamriel to its knees. This here is but a sample of the impact the Daedric Prince Molag Bal will have on Tamriel during the era of Elder Scrolls Online.

Molag Bal’s Realm of ColdHarbour


“The sky is on fire, I heard him say as he moved on to the next realm. ‘The ground is sludge, but traversable. I see blackened ruins all around me, like a war was fought here in the distant past. The air is freezing. I cast blooms of warmth all around me, but it still feels like daggers of ice stabbing me in all directions.’
This was Coldharbour, where Molag Bal was Prince. It appeared to Zenas as if it were a future Nirn, under the King of Rape, desolate and barren, filled with suffering. I could hear Morian Zenas weep at the images he saw, and shiver at the sight of the Imperial Palace, spattered with blood and excrement.” – The Doors of Oblivion by Seif-ij Hidja

Molag Bal rules over his own plan of Oblivion called Coldharbour. This realm is an exact copy of the world of Nirn except it is destroyed and defiled, yes even the White-Gold Tower and the Imperial City. The sky is on fire, the ground is a muddy sludge and every building and settlement is a destroyed ruin. This realm is filled with the tortured souls of mortals that will be tormented forever with no hope of escape or rescue. These tortured souls that are trapped in the realm of Coldharbour are called the Soul-Shriven. These poor souls that are trapped in the realm of Coldharbour are forever stuck in this plane of Oblivion as sources of entertainment for Molag bal. At the start of the Elder Scrolls Online game the player is launched into the game as a soulless player trapped in Coldharbour trying to seek a way to escape.

“Study of these sources reveals that Molag Bal desires, above all things, the enslavement of mortals’ souls. Various loathsome means are employed to this end, the ultimate goal being the diversion of a soul from its journey to the afterlife to imprisonment and slavery on the plane of Coldharbour. Upon arrival in Molag Bal’s realm, the soul attracts to itself some of the loose creatia of Oblivion, forming a corporeal body with the semblance of the shape it wore in life. These sad slaves, called the soul-shriven, then toil in torment for the glory and amusement of their master, Molag the Slave-Lord.” – On the Nature of Coldharbour by Phrastus of Elinhir

The Father of Vampirism


“The first vampire came from Molag Bal. She… was not a willing subject. But she was still the first.” – Serana

Vampires are a creation of the Lord Molag Bal, the Daughters of Coldharbour some are called. I will go not into deep details into the disease of Vampirism but more about its origins and how it came to be. Molag Bal despised the Aedra and the whole concept of life and death, more so he hates Arkay. Arkay is the Aedra who created the cycle of life and death on the world of Nirn. So Molag Bal traveled to Tamriel and decided to do something about Arkays cycle of life and death. Tamriel being newely created by the Aedra, there was a race of people called the Nedics who where the first race of humans in the early creation of Nirn.

It is said that Molag Bal had his way with an unwilling Nedic woman named Lamae Beolfa. After he defiled the Nedic woman Molag Bal departed Tamriel back to his realm of Coldharbour. Some days later Lamae Beolfa was attempted to be nursed to health by a group of nomads but she ultimately had died. The night of her death the nomads traditionally cremated their dead and upon trying to cremate Lamae Beolfa she rose up from the dead and savagely murdered the nomads who tried to save her. And with her resurrection and lust for blood was created the first Daughter of Coldharbour. She began to spread the disease throughout Tamriel, the curse of Vampirism had begun. As you the player ventures throughout Tamriel in Elder Scrolls Online, you better be careful while traveling at night…unless you really want to succumb to this ancient curse.

“And so; Lamae, (who is known to us as blood-matron) imprecated her foul aspect upon the folk of Tamriel, and begat a brood of countless abominations, from which came the vampires, most cunning of the night-horrors. And so was the scourge of undeath wrought upon Tamriel, cruelly mocking Arkay’s rhythm of life and death through all the coming eras of the et’Ada, and for all his sadness, Arkay knew this could not be undone.” – Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie by Mabei Aywenil

The Invasion of Tamriel


“When we returned to the Imperial City, Mannimarco played upon Varen’s insecurities and convinced him that the coronation ritual, properly modified, could not only light the Dragonfires, but persuade Akatosh to invest him with Divine agency and gift him with the blood of the dragon. It was only after the coronation ritual was attempted that we learned the extent of Mannimarco’s deception. The King of Worms used his magic to corrupt the power of the Amulet, causing the calamity which came to be known as the Soulburst. I remember very little of the actual event, only that the chaos that followed was immediate and devastating. Varen was consumed by the fiery wrath of the Soulburst.” – Chronicles of the Five Companions 1 by Lyris Titanborn

In the year 2E 579 the Soulburst occurs and ushers in the beginning of Lord Molag Bals invasion of Tamriel. In a process known as Planemelding, Molag Bal attempts to merge Tamriel with his Oblivion Realm of Coldharbour. Chaos grips Tamriel as scores of Dark Anchors rip through the sky and latch themselves onto the ground of Tamriel trying to pull the two realms into each other. Daedra poured from these Dark Anchors in great numbers and started to ravage the land. The Imperial City fell, as well as the White-Gold Tower, and everything looked bleak. However the heroes of Tamriel ventured to the Dark Anchors closing them and stopping them from pulling the worlds together. With the Imperial City fallen and no emperor on the throne, the three factions of Tamriel began to war over the defiled Imperial City thus causing more chaos. And so begins the invasion of Tamriel by the Deadric Lord Molag Bal during the second era and at the start of Elder Scrolls Online..

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