Mage’s Guild Skills & Their Morphs

Today’s guide is all about the Mage’s Guild skills and their morphs. The morphs are given a 1-5 ranking (1 poor, 5 excellent) and I try to briefly explain why the score.   (Note: While I may make reference to PvP at times, the reality is I am casual at best when it comes to PvP and this guide is really done with PvE as the focus)


Mage’s Guild Skills


Magelight – No longer a toggle ability. Summon a mote of magelight on activation that reveals stealthed and invisible enemies around you for 5 seconds. While slotted you gain Major Prophecy, increasing your Spell Critical Rating.

Inner Light (4) – Increases max magicka by 2%.  An obvious morph choice for a PvE caster.  Not an exciting morph but extra magicka means more damage or heals.

Radiant Mage Light (1/3) – When activated you prevent the stun and reduce the damage from stealth attacks by 50% for you and your nearby allies. This is the obvious PvP morph. Rate it a 3 for PvP and 1 for PvE.


Entropy – Deals damage over time (for 14.4s with passives).  Also provides a small heal every 6s.  Most importantly, increases Spell Power by 20%.

Structured Entropy (5) – Slotting the ability increases health by 5%.  Very nice skill, as you may know, the ideal health for a DPS is 18-20k for end game content.  This skill on your bar helps you get there, which means more spare points for increasing your damaging stat.  Obviously be aware that you likely only have it on one bar though, so make sure you don’t get caught out on the wrong bar when a boss is doing its raid wise damage!

Degeneration (2) – Grants a 15% chance for weapon attacks to heal for 100% of damage done.  Nice morph for soloing.  In group PvE, this extra effect is not going to rock your world as it is unlikely this will be saving you, so once reaching end game I personally would take the other morph.

Note: To be honest, it doesn’t really matter which morph you take – Entropy is excellent for a magicka based build, while it is unlikely either morph will rock your world, it isn’t really relevant as the morph effect is just a nice little bonus to an awesome base skill.


Fire Rune – Place a ground AoE which deals damage to those who walk into it (or are standing on it after it is cast).

Volcanic Rune (4) – Causes enemies to be knocked into the air and stunned for 3s.  An excellent morph for a bit of crowd control.  Helpful survival tool against large trash packs.  I highly recommend this morph even if the skill rarely finds its way onto your bar.

Scalding Rune (3/4) – Applies a DoT to those effected.  Extra damage but at a cost of losing the CC.  In reality, you have better AoE damage options whatever your class, as a result I see little reason to take this morph.  Possible exception might be a Dunmer Dragonknight really making the most of all things Fire based.


Equilibrium – Sacrifice Health for magicka, you cannot heal yourself for 4s after using this.

Spell Symmetry (5) – Reduces cost of next spell by 25%.  Now you get magicka back and your next spell is cheaper.  Add this to the Mage passive which increases damage for next spell and you cannot go wrong.  An easy morph choice, especially considering the underwhelming alternative.

Balance (2) – Grants you Major Resolve and Major Ward increasing your Physical and Spell Resistance. Might be a nice defensive spell but not much else.


*Ultimate* Meteor – Calls a comet down for high AoE damage and knocking back enemies in the area.  Also deals damage every second for 10s.

Ice Comet (4/5) – Deals more damage (and changes to Cold damage) and snares.  Meteor is a crazy powerful spell, even for single target, and this morph makes it even more powerful.  While this spell does more damage on the face of it, it is worth keeping in mind the fact the damage is Cold rather than Fire, so when you consider mobs with a weakness to fire, and Dragonknight’s applying debuffs that increase Fire damage against mobs, the extra damage may not be as impressive as it first looks.

Shooting Star (4) – Gain 9 Ultimate for each target hit.  In AoE situations, this is awesome as you get Ultimate back!  Also, with a DK around applying the Fire damage debuff on mobs, it should work out pretty damn close to the same damage as Ice Comet, include mobs vulnerable to fire, or you being a Dunmer for even more fire damage and overall I believe this morph may just come out ahead.



Persuasive Will (1) – Allows you to persuade NPCs.  This is purely a convenience factor, saves you doing mini time filler errands when doing a quest.

Mage Adept (4) – Reduces Health and Magicka costs of Mage skills by 8/15%.  If using any skills here then this is a definite pick.

Everlasting Magic (5) – Increases duration of Mage Guild skills by 10%/20%.

Magicka Controller (5) – Increases max magicka and magicka regeneration by 1%/2% for each Mage Guild skill slotted.

Might of the Guild (4) – After casting a Mage Guild skill you have a 50%/100% chance of next spell being Empowered (increasing damage by 20%)

Note: If using Mage Guild spells, pretty much all the passives are useful.

If you are a PvP focused player, leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Author Aggelos
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