Player vs Playercraft- How World of Warcraft opens it’s arms to an all inclusive PvP environment!

We all start our bloody PvP careers somewhere. For me it was a rough one, Ultima Online, visceral, ruthless and punishing with its open world, full loot environment. In comparison to today’s MMOs it was a brutal introduction to the world of online gaming. In addition to developing your character, you needed friends and you needed gear to compete (more like survive!) which took time (and sometimes sweat) to gather, you couldn’t just jump right in.

Twenty years on and games have evolved considerably. Entry into PvP is getting easier and while some games have battlegrounds for short skirmishes and others a vast battlefield where armies vie for control of castles and relics, none have  chiseled away at the requirements to enjoy PvP content than Blizzard.

I had thought I had washed my hands of World of Warcraft in 2008. I had conquered the PvP arena, ran the flag in Warsong Gulch and five capped the nodes in Arathi Basin, it was all getting a little stale. And with the promise of the Cataclysm expansion, the gear I had worked so hard to get was about to, yet again, become obsolete. It was becoming a grind to stay competitive in PvP and so I quit playing, gave my account away , and went back to Dark Age of Camelot.

Enter Legion. With Legion, that was all about to change.  As of two weeks ago I was happily enjoying the open world PvP of The Elder Scrolls Online. It had taken me months to gather all the gear and champion points I needed to enjoy the content and compete. Now I am enjoying the bliss that is the New World of Warcraft.

Blizzard has made some incredible changes with this expansion. With the purchase of Legion they included one free token that can be used to automatically level a single character to level 100 (leaving only 10 levels to acquire to cap). And with the ‘try it before you buy it’ mode, you can experience all the classes (except Demon Hunter) at level 100 before you make a decision – Excellent! I was able to try everything out and see what had changed, I was able to play around with the classes and choose one that matched my play style.

The second most important change was with PvP. With Legion, PvP stats are normalized! Each class is given the same stats when you zone into a PvP battleground, modified only slightly by your gear score. And each class has their own set of honor ranked talents to unlock and use solely in PvP.

An incredibly smart change for two major reasons:

The first reason is that gear doesn’t matter as much anymore. With the changes – all classes receive the same base stats as befits their class – modified only by your gear score. Modifications are a percentage increase of those stats, 1% for every 10 points of gear score you have over 800.  So an 850 gear score character would only have a 5% difference in stats than someone with 800 or less.  This allows everyone of the same level to compete on a much more even ground than ever in World of Warcraft.

The second reason is balance. Because the stats are different in PvP, Blizzard can modify those stats to achieve PvP balance without affecting PvE performance and stats! Honor now provides PvP only active and passive abilities that you can unlock as you increase your honor rank, these abilities are deactivated outside of PvP environments so they can be freely modified and balanced also. Ingenious.

So I purchased a new account. Upgraded to legion. (It cost me around $70 us). In the space of a weekend I was able to create a level 100 character, level him to 110 and jump right into PvP battlegrounds and re-live the fun I experienced before I left in 2008.

With one of the best entry level PvP mechanics for an MMO out there, now is the time for PvPers to return to World of Warcraft, or new players looking for a fun, fair place to compete, World of Warcraft Legion is your environment.

The Dungeon Crawler Network has a firm presence on the Area-52 server with the Wings of Fate guild. As in The Elder Scrolls Online, We offer a mature, fun community to be a part of and look forward to increase our membership!

Author Aggelos
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