Saga of Lucimia Combat Alpha

In this alpha discussion video, join Aggelos and Asteldian as they streamed part of the second Saga of Lucimia server stress test held on October 24, 2015! This build was their combat alpha. The Saga of Lucimia community got to play around with a very early form of combat as well as some unexpected bugs that we get to go over.

For those who do not know what Saga of Lucimia is all about then here you go! The Saga of Lucimia, a high-fantasy, group-based MMORPG that hearkens back to a time when players worked together to achieve goals that were greater than what they could achieve on their own.

A time when teamwork, friendship and community meant more than “everyman” games chock-full of single-serving, on-the-rails quest lines designed to take you to max level in a matter of days in such a way that you never have to interact with another player to achieve the “end game”.

No mini-maps. No quest hubs. Zero solo content. 3-4 man overland content, 8-man dungeons, and multi-group raids. No flashing icons over the heads of NPCs telling you who to talk to or where to go, no glowing trails leading you from quest objective to quest objective.

Languages, factions, ruins, cities, dungeons, and more. A massive world to explore, and a classless, skill-based game where you create your own story with your friends and allies.

Explore emergent game play in a world where the players determine the hot spots, the best places to hunt, their favorite dungeons, routes to and from cities, camp spots, and beyond. With zero single-player story lines guiding you or funneling you from Point A to Point B. Sandbox, not themepark. 

Welcome back to the days of group-based gaming. 

If what you have seen has interested you, head on over to and check out their forums and place a pledge!

Author Aggelos
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