Skjaldvor The Stamina Dragonknight

Meet Skjaldvor the Nord Dragonknight. This poor cluster of pixels and polygons has been abused to the nth degree by yours truly, from falling off of keep walls to his death to being splattered by hordes of Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant forces, and let’s not forget standing in red circles too long! It is a wonder he has not hobbled off of my account (complete with an arrow to each knee)  to join someone else’s. It must be all the attention,  you see he is my only character, I have not felt the need to make another (or the heart to put another through this torture!)

He has thusly been the subject of many an experiment. In both armor, weapons and skill lines. Some positively disastrous and others surprisingly successful. You see Skjaldvor is a fancy Nord, he has a cadre of mule characters at his beck and  call that haul his ever increasing wardrobe and arsenal. (If you are especially observant you may notice his weapon laden wagons moving slowly from keep to keep!)

If you are interested in PvP stamina dragon knight builds and set ups, looking for inspiration on how to put  a fun one together step right up and look into this first wagon I am sure there will be something of use to you. If not that’s fine, Skjaldvor is beginning to enjoy the abuse methinks!

Below you will find a list of builds for my character. These are what I run with as I adventure through The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited! Be sure to bookmark this page and keep looking to see the list of different builds that I use in this central repository.

Skjaldvor Builds

Stamina Dragonknight – Berserker Build (Base) (PvP)

UPDATE for Stamina Dragonknight – Berserker Build  (PvP)

Stamina Dragonknight – Werewolf Berserker Build (Morph) (PvP)

Stamina Dragonknight – Affliction Knight build (PVP)

Stamina Dragonknight – Exasperation Knight (PvP)

Hybrid Dragonknight – PvP Build

Stamina Dragonknight Berserking Viper Variant (PvP)





Author Aggelos
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