Tavern Talk Episode 2: Post Alpha Build Breakdown

Tavern Talk Episode 2: Post Alpha Build Breakdown is the new YouTube-Exclusive collaboration project between The Dungeon Crawler Network and Stormhaven Studios, the developers behind the group-focused indie MMORPG, Saga of Lucimia! Come inside, grab a pint, and join in for Tavern Talk! If you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, head on over to our website, DungeonCrawlerNetwork.com and click the Contact Us on the top menu or email us directly at contact@dungeoncrawlernetwork.com!

This week, The Dungeon Crawler Network crew are joined by Tim Anderson, Giovanni Martello, Richard Kuhn, and Elloa Wendy from Stormhaven Studios to talk about the Backer Pre-Alpha set for April 30th, 2016! We talk about their latest Darkness Series videos, Eliminating Hit Point Bloat, and a new video series coming from their new community manager, Elloa! We also get a breakdown of the April 30th Alpha, what went wrong what went right and what to look forward to in the future!

Podcast Information:

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Author Aggelos
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