The Dungeon Crawlers: Pick Pocket

The Dungeon Crawlers: Pick Pocket

Maxing out your pick pocket skill is ridiculous. This came about mostly because of silly AI dialogue like when they scold you for having a weapon out mere seconds after slaying a dragon or, as in this case, making vague threats about your morals because of the armor you’re wearing. The mechanics for pickpocketing equipped weapons and armor is amazing and I enjoyed hearing stories about exploiting it and essentially reverse pickpocketing guards into a dress.

Brodin plays 2 distinct styles of Skyrim character: the basic Textbook Nord with a giant sword and armor made from the bones of the dragons he screams into submission and the silent, stealthy assassin who is also a kitty (see Final Fantasy 14 for further examples )

I tend to continuously gravitate to sneaky archers who are squishy but curious so needs to kill everything without being noticed so they can pick the lock and check out the goodies, hence the usual inclusion of thieves guild armor. I am FREQUENTLY over encumbered in the middle of a dungeon dithering over how many copies of a book I can drop in order to lug the Dwarven breastplate out to sell/hide in Breezehome just in case I go heavy armor (spoiler I don’t).

Dungeon Crawler Network Crew Appearances: Brodin, Lituna and also Brodin.

About The Artist

LitunaLitunaGraphic Designer and Web Comic Creator for The Dungeon Crawler Network.

I was never much of a gamer growing up, sticking usually to games like The Sims, Spore, Smash Brothers and the like until I met Brodin. He plied me with games like Portal and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the deal was sealed. I am a sucker for fantasy and puzzle games and still am today.

I didn’t play many FPS or RPG games but I got a big kick out of Team Fortress 2 and when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released I was instantly hooked and spent hours wandering the mountainside. It was suggested that I give MMOs a shot and I tried out a handful, like Aion, Guild Wars 2 and even World of Warcraft, briefly, before discovering Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and falling instantly in love.

I’m an avid reader and so the unique storytelling experience that games offer is a huge part of what piques my interest. I usually wind up watching Brodin play games that have a remarkable story but are beyond my skill level just so I can experience them. This is partially what also drew me to tabletop games as well.

My gaming experience is somewhat stunted compared to my friends because most of my free time winds up being devoted to drawing. For a while I fooled around and made pocket change drawing OCs, profile pictures and fanart for people online and even tried my hand at writing a couple of web-comics over the years before being recruited to draw for Dungeon Crawler Network. I primarily work in Photoshop and Manga Studio and really enjoy the freedom digital work offers.

If you wish to help support the web comic and network, consider donating on our website or on our Patreon Page at!  If you are interested in contacting me for a commission, you can email me directly at! Thank you for your support and come back often to check for more updates to The Dungeon Crawlers webcomic!

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