Top 5 Game Releases DCN Is Looking Forward To In 2016

Today, we have a Top 5 list of video game releases that several members of The Dungeon Crawler Network crew is looking forward to in 2016! Lets take a look at what we are all looking forward to this year!

The Dungeon Crawler Network staff polled for this list included: Crabby, Setsua, Avi Optimal, Asteldian, Kukajoo, and Lituna

5. Fallout 4: Far Harbor (DLC)(All Platforms)

Many of us are looking forward to the biggest DLC for the critically acclaimed Fallout 4! Far Harbor is supposedly going to the biggest and most dense expansion pack that will be released for any Bethesda game to date! It goes without saying that many of us at the network are huge fans of Bethesda games, so having something from them on this list is a bit of a no brainer. There is not a whole lot of details on the release of Far Harbor at the moment, however if you love Fallout 4 then you should be excited for this massive expansion pack. Here is a short fan-made video of prediction of Fallout 4’s DLC:

4. Horizon Zero Dawn (Game)(PS4)

If you own a Playstation 4, then you should definitely look into this upcoming RPG! Horizon Zero Dawn is an RPG coming out this fall that takes place in the far future where humans have reverted into being cavemen with robot dinosaurs! Another game with not a whole lot of details surrounding it (at the moment), however who doesn’t like a good looking third person RPG? Hunting robot dinosaurs seems awesome enough but the combat in the game looks amazing. If you are looking for a great looking RPG for your PS4 this year then I would definitely keep an eye on this upcoming game.



3. Overwatch (Game)(All Platforms)

A possible new genre emerging in the games industry? Hero Shooter? If you are a competitive person or games like Team Fortress then you will feel right at home playing Overwatch! I bet a lot of you didn’t see a game like this making the list and at number 3 to boot. However Blizzard games to have a certain charm that resonate with a lot of gamers and naturally a few of us on the staff are anxiously looking forward a fun competitive first person shooter. With a release date of May 24th, be prepared to enter Blizzards newest IP and fight against other players in this fast paced competitive shooter!



2. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine (DLC)(All Platforms)

One of the biggest, most dense, RPG’s of 2015 is getting a 20 hour expansion pack this year. The Witcher 3 has won over 200 awards and they are all well deserved. If you have not played The Witcher 3 yet then I would set aside about 200 hours of your life and do so! I was so very excited to see that most of the crew at Dungeon Crawler Network is looking forward to this expansion. The Witcher series is a passion of mine and it is so sad and exciting to see the final chapter of Geralt of Rivia. This expansion is supposedly the last for The Witcher 3, as well as the end of the story for Geralt of Rivia. There is not many details at the moment for the expansion, however there is rumored release dates of May to June 7th.



1. Final Fantasy XV (Game)(PS4, Xbox One)

This is The Dungeon Crawler Network crew’s most anticipated release of 2016! If you have played any of the other 14 Final Fantasy games then you most likely know what you are in for, ridiculous stories, big swords and crazy hair-do’s. However this game is a bit of a departure from previous in the series, with action combat which has a few of people scratching their heads at this choice. This game was announced about 10 years ago with a different name however it remains to be seen if the development time has payed off. September 30th can’t come soon enough for us here at the network, we are anxiously awaiting the next game in the Final Fantasy universe!


And these are the most anticipated releases for some of The Dungeon Crawler Network crew upcoming this year! This is going to be an exciting and fun year for gaming, lets hope there are more big releases we can all look forward to!

Author Aggelos
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