Two Handed Skills & Their Morphs

Today’s guide will be on Two Handed skills and their morphs. The morphs are given a 1-5 ranking (1 poor, 5 excellent) and I try to briefly explain why the score.  (Note: While I may make reference to PvP at times, the reality is I am casual at best when it comes to PvP and this guide is really done with PvE as the focus)

Cleave – Frontal AoE attack dealing damage and a Physical Damage DoT.

Brawler (5) – Adds a damage shield which is increased for each mob hit. Damage plus shielding so that you can take a few hits while spamming your AoE? Yes please!  A winner for soloing and leveling for sure.  I also actually like it for dungeon runs too.

Carve (4) – Gives you the Minor Heroism (an extra Ultimate every 1s). A lot less impressive than it used to be, I struggle to justify this choice anymore personally. Could be nice if your team is heavily dependent on your Ultimates, but otherwise, I prefer Brawler– as even just DPSing, you do tend to take some abuse.


Critical Charge – Charge at your opponent, always doing critical damage.

Stampede (1/3) – Adds Snare for 60% of an opponent’s movement speed to the charge. Very limited use in PvE and I would recommend the other option every time. PvP wise the skill is far better, snaring your opponent to stop him getting out of reach or escaping. If PvP is your main focus, you may like this, though personally I prefer the extra oomph the other morph offers.

Critical Rush (3) – Increased damage the further away you are from the target. Great for starting a fight as you are pretty much always at max range, worse case scenario is that you charge a mob at minimum range, but that simply means you do the same amount of damage that Stampede does. The extra damage this offers in PvP is enough for me to choose this over Stampede.

Note: If you have a Maelstrom Two-Handed weapon, add an additional point to each morph! The bonus effect from the Two Handed weapon makes this a very attractive alternative.


Uppercut – 1s cast time, high damage attack.

Dizzying Swing (3) – High damage attack that also stuns the target for 3.5 seconds and knocking them back 4 meters.

Wrecking Blow (4) – Increases the Power of your next attack by 20%. I admit, not the most exciting extra ability, but does exactly what it says on the tin. You go 2h to put out the hurt, Uppercut does that and this morph helps dish out even more.

Note: With the Dark Brotherhood DLC, they have removed the knockback component from the base attack and Wrecking Blow as well as changing Dizzying Swing pretty significantly. So now the two morphs I rated equal. However, if you are PvE, go Wrecking Blow, if you are PvP, go Dizzying Swing if you want the crowd control otherwise stick with Wrecking Blow.


Reverse Slash – Deals increased damage when target is under 50% health.

Reverse Slice (3) – 75% of damage done to target is also done to nearby targets. This was improved with Dark Brotherhood, and while it is far better a skill than before. This was intended to be the Stamina “Proximity Detonation” but it still feels lackluster. Take it if you like having a Point Blank Area of Effect Execute but for PvE Executioner is still superior.

Executioner (4) – No longer effects weapon damage from light/heavy or other abilities. This is a pure execute now. It does more damage then Reverse Slice but only single target.


Momentum – 33s Major Brutality buff (20% increased damage) and heals you every 2s.

Forward Momentum (2) – Removes snare effects from you and makes you immune to snare and immobilize for 5 seconds and has a reduced cost compared to Rally. Mostly a morph for PvP, and potentially a great one at that (no more talons for you Mr. DK!), that said, the healing from Rally is just too good to pass up for PvP.  This morph is pretty worthless for PvE.

Rally (4) – Adds a heal when effect ends. A nice burst heal which is stronger the longer the buff is on but can be activated anytime you want. Nice for bad moments, especially soloing without someone to heal you, but can also be a life saver in group fights and indeed PvP. If PvP is your thing, I tend to lean towards the other morph, but if doing plenty of both I think Rally is still the winner.



Forceful (4) – Adds small amount of splash damage 31% to 2 additional targets with light/heavy attacks. Not a bad little passive at all. Given the lack of front end damage on Cleave, I actually would like this to not have a cap, or do more damage, but you cannot have everything.

Heavy Weapons (4) – Increases damage with swords by 5%, adds 16% change to place a DoT to axes, maces ignore 20% target armor. Nice passive, a bit crappy if you use axes though as a DoT is kind of pointless when you use white attacks so frequently (The exception to this is if you use the Valkyn Skoria set, where the extra DoT can proc this).

Balanced Blades (5) – Standard 10/20% reduction in cost. Boring but necessary.

Follow Up (2) – Increases damage on next attack after a full heavy attack by 10%. Great if you use heavy attacks a lot, not so good if you do not.

Battle Rush (3) – 15/30% increase to Stamina regeneration when you kill an enemy. Without soft caps, this is a juicy bonus. Problem is, against bosses you won’t always have something to kill.

If you are a PvP focused player, leave your PvP suggestions in the comments below!

Author Aggelos
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