Werewolf Berserker, Stamina Dragonknight – PvP

Updated for Patch 2.4.

You look deeper into the wagon, moving a pair of what could only be Morkuldin boots to the side ‘I will have to ask Skjaldvor about that later’ you think as a look of sheer disgust creeps over your face –  ‘what did I just get all over my hands?’ – as you investigate you realize that behind the boots was what looked like half of a face torn away from it’s former owner –  one eye rolled back into it’s socket and a pointed ear emerging from once golden hair caked in days old dried blood. As you hastily wipe the gore from your hands on your tunic, you turn a questioning glance behind you, only to see something large, black and hairy jump away in the distance leaving a discarded empty potion bottle behind.

So you have had fun with the Stamina Dragonknight base build, surprised many an Altmer with your sudden might or miss-timed the whole thing entirely and gotten focus fired down after a few milliseconds. Time to inject even more fun and hilarity! Enter the Werewolf. This is currently my favorite and only has one thing different in it from the base Berserker build – the Werewolf Berserker Ultimate.

Swap out the Ultimate on your back bar (two-hander – Hundings Rage 5 piece activated) with Werewolf Berserker  – the preferred morph from the base werewolf ultimate ability due to the +40% damage to your bleeds. Should the poor soul you currently have targeted survive your onslaught, the bleed from this will increase your chances of finishing the job!

This build is played in exactly the same fashion as the Base Berserker build with one difference. You generate ultimate on your front bar as before with spot focus damage with the 2 hander as needed. Except you save activating the Clever Alchemist set until your Werewolf Berserker ultimate is ready to be unleashed.

When it is, and the time is right, you buff up and fire up the Clever Alchemist five piece. You now have a situational choice of whether to transform where you stand or charge into the midst of your enemies and transform there to catch them all in the fear effect from the transformation.

Once transformed you must move quickly, because you will be focused upon by both enemies and friends (heals) and to maximize the damage. With the setup described you will be Berserking to the tune of 5200 weapon damage (OR MORE!).


This is what my Werewolf bar looks like and a brief treatise on each skill morph and why I chose them.


Feral Pounce –

This is the gap closer when in werewolf mode – I chose this morph for the nifty increase in werewolf  time you get when pouncing from 10 meters away!


Howl of Agony –

This is the spammable DPS ability for werewolves and boy is it powerful! Fully buffed this will annihilate foes in seconds. Special note is the range of 10 meters for when you are rooted! I chose this morph for the additional 30% damage to feared targets because as a werewolf you have two abilities that apply fear, the initial transformation and Ferocious Roar.


Claws of Anguish –

This is a fairly strong cone area of effect damage and bleed, when twinned with the light/heavy attack bleeds can be quite troublesome. I chose this morph for the addition of Major Defile to all those hit with it, reducing healing they receive by 30%.


Hircine’s Rage –

This is the werewolf self heal, quite useful, but the added 10% weapon damage buff with the morph is the main reason to choose it. Buff before jumping in for a huge boost to damage!


Ferocious Roar –

One of the most dangerous abilities that Werewolves possess – a point blank area effect fear which opens up the 30% damage increase of Howl of Agony. Any morph can be chosen here but I prefer this one for the AoE disorient and off-balance debuff you apply when killing anyone under it’s effects (and that WILL happen most of the time).


That’s it for the werewolf variant, one skill that changes the play-style and burst avenue of the Berserker build, can be devastating and fun. Below is a screenshot of what your stats might look like with this build when fully buffed and ready to rend flesh!

Author Aggelos
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