World Skills – Werewolf

Today’s Guide is all about the Werewolf and their morphs. The morphs are given a 1-5 ranking (1 poor, 5 excellent) and I try to briefly explain why the score.



*Ultimate* Werewolf Transformation – Transform into a beast, fearing up to 3 nearby enemies for 4 seconds. While transformed, your light attacks cause enemies to bleed for 8 seconds and your Physical and Spell Resistance is increased! While slotted, your Stamina Recovery is increased by 15%.

Pack Leader (2) – Summon 2 wolf companions for the duration of your transformation. If killed, they will return after 12 seconds. This morph choice has went down in usefullness with this change because the wolf companions do not do that much damage.

Werewolf Berserker (4) – Light attack bleed damage is increased.  If using the WW for fun mass AoE slaughtering, then the extra damage this offers is nice – after all, you can just eat mobs to keep going in WW form, and of course taking damage keeps you going to.



Pounce – 22m pounce to target, dealing damage and stunning an off balance target.

Brutal Pounce (3) – Deals damage to additional enemies.  Gives you an AoE charge, quite a nice morph, but you can do enough AoE without it and I think the other morph is a bit more useful.  That said, similar to the Ultimate morph choice, if you are just slaughtering trash mobs all the time, then you do not need the extra duration as you eat when done and gain time when hit, so in that case this morph is pretty cool.

Feral Pounce (4) – If pouncing 10m or more, increase duration of Werewolf form.  Every little helps in my opinion, so if you like Werewolf then any way to stay longer is good if you are planning on using it against bosses.



Hircine’s Bounty – Heals yourself using magicka.

Hircine’s Rage (5) – Also increase weapon damage by 10% for 17s.  A heal which buffs your damage too, you go WW to lay down the hurt (well, that’s the theory) so this makes perfect sense.

Hircine’s Bounty (3) – Adds a Heal over Time to the skill.  The morph actually makes sense in defensive terms, improving what the base skill was designed for which is survival, but you didn’t turn into a Werewolf to cower behind block and heals.  Unleash the not so inner monster and take the other morph, kill or be killed, true animal instinct.


Roar – Fear 3 enemies and set them off balanced for 4.3s. 

Ferocious Roar (2) – If an effected enemy is killed, nearby enemies are disorientated and off balance for 2.5s.  A bit situational, need to fear then kill a target to make use of it.  But, in overwhelming situations it could be a helpful effect.

Rousing Roar (3) – Grants Major Brutality (20% weapon damage buff) for 4s to allies.  With a much longer duration this morph would be a 5.  But anything under 10s is disappointing.  When you consider all your allies that are Stamina based are likely already rocking this buff, it does nothing for them, so it is only you that will benefit and not for very long.  But, if you are using the skill anyway, may as well give yourself a damage boost.


Piercing Howl – Deal damage and knockdown enemy for 3s.

Howl of Despair (4) – Allies can activate Feeding Frenzy, increasing light and heavy attacks for 15s.  Very nice, everyone weaves these attacks and you as a WW do decent damage with these attacks, so an increase is good.

Howl of Agony (2/5) – Damage against feared enemies is increased by 30%.  Nice boost against feared mobs, problem is it does nothing against mobs immune to fear, and it requires you to spend time fearing…that said, for PvP Fear is amazing and extra damage after doing it is awesome


Infectious Claws – Cone AoE dealing damage and applying a DoT on the mobs for 10s.

Claws of Anguish (2/5) – Applies Major Defile (40% Heal debuff). In PvE this debuff isn’t all that useful in most situations, so I myself wouldn’t take it.  PvP an AoE heal debuff would be awesome…assuming you are brave enough to actually turn into a Werewolf in PvP.

Claws of Life (4) – Heals you for 50% damage done.  Extra staying power while you savage the enemies, for PvE I like this morph a lot.



Devour (5) – Eat your dead enemies to recharge your Werewolf duration.

Pursuit (4) – Increase Stamina gain from heavy attacks by 50%/100%.

Blood Rage (5) – Increases duration in Werewolf form by 3s/5s every time you are hit (can only occur every 3s).

Blood Moon (3) – lets you turn other players into WW once every 7 days.

Savage Strength (5) – Increase weapon damage by 9%/18%.

Call of the Pack (3) – Increases Werewolf duration by 20% for each transformed werewolf in your group, including yourself, up to a maximum of 80%.


Note: Sadly, the free 15% Stamina regeneration is gone.  You must at least have the WW Ultimate on the bar to get that.  On the bright side, the extra damage taken from poison is only 25% rather than 40%.  That will make it a bit less dangerous when transforming.  On the bright side, you do get a big armor and resist boost when being WW so you will be tougher (about 10k to each at max level).

Author Aggelos
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