Tales of Tamriel | Episode 163: Hail Sithis

Tales of Tamriel | Episode 163: Hail Sithis – an action-packed show full of game news, tales, opinions, and listener emails for The Elder Scrolls Online by Zenimax Online Studios! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show email us directly at contact@dungeoncrawlernetwork.com!

This week on the Tales of Tamriel podcast, Aggelos and Arkhaniir go over all the latest news in The Elder Scrolls Online including the ESO 2017 and Beyond article by Matt Firor. We speculate on the new DLC, Dragon Bones, as well as the new character customization feature that will be coming into the game! While Arkhaniir doesn’t have any tales this week (Although after hearing all of Aggelos’ tales, he might have been inspired to jump back into The Elder Scrolls Online!), Aggelos makes up for this by going over the entire Dark Brotherhood quest line (spoilers!) and rants about how sad and awesome the story is! Dark Brotherhood might be Aggelos’ favorite DLC to date! Aggelos also steps into Morrowind! Sadly, due to Aggelos talking about game play for almost two hours, we did not have any lore reading this week! The sermons return next week!

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